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CHEAPEST ANDROID TABLETS are not the best Value

When choosing an Android Tablet is not an easy task with literally hundreds of new pads coming onto the market everyday. So which one should you choose? Here is a checklist to help you make the right choice:

  • Operating System
  • Touch Control
  • Screen Size
  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Battery Life
  • Warranty

Operating System

The most widespread and popular operating system used on tablets is the Android from Google. The devices generally fall into three categories with a fourth one coming soon.

The cheapest devices run on Android version 1.5 or 1.6. These devices have the slowest specifications and they are a good cheap choice to replace your MP3 player with something that has more features. You can view web pages via WiFi but not any media heavy content. You can run simpler applications and games but nothing fancy.

heropadYou can use it as an e-reader but the page-switching might take a while. Currently the most widespread are tablet devices running Android 2.1. They have generally quite decent hardware behind them and make for a good device for internet and multimedia use. The 2.1 version has a brand new user interface which is a lot intuitive than it was before.

More powerful tablets have no problem running popular Android games like Angry Birds. The latest released version of Android is 2.2 which brought Adobe Flash into web browser for a complete web experience. You can find more and more devices which also have support for 3G connectivity on Android 2.2. Around the corner is the first tablet-oriented Android release called Android 3.0 or "Honeycomb". That`s set to be released on the first half of 2011.

Touch Control

You control your device via three to four hardware buttons and from the touch screen. The thing to look out for here is that tablets have either resistive or capacitive screens. Resistive screens are a lot cheaper but they need a harder touch and might not be as sensitive as more expensive capacitive screens.

Then again if you need to have extremely accurate response you need to go with a resistive screen as you cannot use a stylus on a capacitive screen which uses your body`s ability to conduct electricity to pinpoint the touch area. Both screen allow multi touch but resistive screens usually support only 2 point pinch-to-zoom action while capacitive screen in theory have limitless touch points.

Screen Size

The most common screen size for Android tablets are 7" and 10.1". The 7 inch is considered to be the ideal size for a portable media device and 10.1 inch is more of a sofa surfing device. You can find Android devices starting from couple of inches up to 12".


tabletMost of tablet PC`s use ARM processors which have very low power consumption while giving out decent amount of processing speed. You need at least a 533Mhz processor for decent internet experience. For full HD videos and 3D gaming aim for the 1Ghz mark and above. There are already for sale tablets with the super powerful dual-core TEGRA2 proceccor from nVIDIA.


Anything above 256MB of RAM can handle web and Android OS without too much problem. 512MB to 1GB of ram is enough for a smooth operation.

Battery Life

The battery life can range from 3 hours to about 8 hours depending on the device and usage. Battery life depends mostly on the battery capacity measured in mAh. Anything over 2000mAh should give you 3-4 hours of continuous usage.


All of the devices rely on one year factory warranty. Usually you need to send the device back to your supplier for either repairs or a replacement.

Courtesy of AndroidTabletCentral

We recommend
the Herotab M802/APAD IMX515 from Merimobiles

  • Operating System - The Latest Android 2.2 which supports Flash
  • Touch Control- Although this is a resistive screen and not capacitive it is very responsive and is worth compromising due to other advantages.
  • Screen Size - An 8 inch screen which is larger than the usual 7 inch screens but more practical when it comes to portability and the 10 inch versions.
  • Processor - Has a 800MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor which is faster than most.
  • Memory - Most cheaper tablets have only 256mb of memory which is insufficent for practical use. The Heropad M802 IMX515 a more efficient 512MB DDR2 Ram.
  • Storage - With 4GB Nandflash built in and upto 16gb external storage available, this is a big plus over a large number of tablets.
  • Battery Life - The biggest selling point for this android pad is the battery capacity of a whopping 4200maH (dual core 2100maH), barely rivalled by others.
  • Warranty - 1 YEAR WARRANTY
  • Extras - FREE Case & USB Keyboard for a limited period.
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